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Cold Appetizers

Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail 14
Served with cocktail sauce

*Clams on the Half Shell 14
Served with cocktail sauce and fresh lemon

Mozzarella Caprese
Fresh mozzarella with sliced tomatoes, chopped anchovies, and capers, dressed with olive oil
and balsamic vinaigrette

Cold Antipasto 16
Served with fresh mozzarella, hot and sweet sopressata, prosciutto, and provolone

Calamari and Scungilli Salad
Mixed with cherry peppers, celery, oil, and lemon

Hot Appetizers

Cajun Scallops 14
Served atop pesto cream sauce

*Tuna Carpacio 16
Pan-seared with sesame seeds, and garnished with ginger and wasabi

Clams Casino 14
Topped with bell peppers and served in a garlic butter sauce

Escargot 14
Served with mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, and garlic in a white wine sauce

Fried Lobster Tails 16
Two cold-water petite tails lightly battered and deep fried, served with our special chipotle sauce

Fried Calamari 14
Served with hot and sweet peppers

Panecotta 12
Escarole and bean casserole

Fried Mozzarella 12
Topped with marinara sauce and parmesan cheese

Broccoli Rabe and Sausage 16
Sautéed with fresh garlic and olive oil


Chicken Pasta Soup cup 6 bowl 8
Fresh chicken, leeks, carrots, celery, and choice of mixed pasta or tortellini

Pasta Fagioli cup 6 bowl 8
A traditional Italian soup of mixed pasta and beans, garnished cup with parmesan cheese

Anastasio’s Minestrone cup 6 bowl 8
A medley of mixed vegetables in clear broth


Wedge Salad 10
Iceberg lettuce wedge with bleu cheese dressing and crumbled bacon bits

Classic Caesar 10
With Grilled Chicken 12

Baby Spinach Salad 12
Served with apples, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, bacon, almonds and strawberries
in vinaigrette dressing

House Salad 10
Served with mixed  eld greens and gorgonzola cheese in our own balsamic vinaigrette


Barbara’s Rigatoni “Sunday Dinner” 16
With meatball, sausage, or both add $3.00
Add scoop of ricotta cheese $2.00

Antonio’s Bolognese 21
Rigatoni with meat sauce

Penne Alla Siciliana 21
Served with sausage and cherry peppers, and dressed with basil and parmesan cheese

Kevin’s Pasta Piselli
Pasta mixed with onions, mushrooms, peas, pancetta, bacon, and a touch of marinara sauce

Shrimp Alla Anastasio 25
Pan-seared and served with tomatoes, onions, spinach, prosciutto, and fresh mozzarella in a garlic
butter wine sauce over linguine pasta

Lobster Ravioli 24
Filled with lobster meat in tomato cream sauce with parmesan cheese

Linguine and Clams 25
Red or white

Lobster Fra Diavolo 26
A generous portion of picked Maine lobster meat in a spicy red sauce over linguine pasta

Gnocchi 21
In marinara sauce and fresh mozzarella


Chicken Alla Nikki 22
Stuffed with prosciutto and mozzarella and simmered in a butter wine sauce, topped with
mushrooms and served with noodles

Chicken Alla Marsala 21
Served with sautéed mushrooms in sweet  orio marsala brown sauce

Chicken Alla Francese 22
Egg-battered in a light butter and lemon white wine sauce with capers over a bed of spinach

Chicken Alla Anastasio 22
Two chicken breasts topped with prosciutto, escarole, and fresh mozzarella

Chicken Arturo 22
Served with broccoli rabe and cherry peppers

Chicken Saltimbocca 22
Topped with prosciutto, mozzarella, and fresh sage in cognac brown sauce

Chicken Parmigiana 21
Served with your choice of pasta


Veal Alla Florentina 24
Served over spinach with butter in lemon wine sauce

Veal Alla Piemontese 24
Served with sautéed Portobello mushrooms, artichoke hearts, and sun-dried tomatoes in
white wine sauce

Veal Caprese 24
Served with asparagus, artichoke hearts, fresh tomatoes, and prosciutto in garlic white wine sauce

Veal Alla Baldostano 24
Topped with prosciutto, asparagus, mozzarella, and mushrooms in cognac brown sauce

Veal Alla Anastasio 23
Served with roasted red peppers, peas, garlic, and fresh basil in white wine sauce

Veal Parmigiana 23
Served with choice of pasta

Anastasio’s Grille

*Certified Angus Filet Mignon – the most tender cut
10-ounce Center Filet Mignon 28
14-ounce Center Filet Mignon 34

*Certi ed Angus Petite Filet Mignon
8-ounce Center Cut 26

*Certified Angus New York Strip – center cut only
14-ounce 28
20-ounce 32

*Certified Angus Porterhouse
22-ounce 34

*Veal Chop
12-ounce 24

*Double Cut Pork Chop
16-ounce 28

*Petite Lamb Chops (6) 26
Anastasio’s Specialty Beef and Pork

*Kevin’s NY Steak 31
Pan-seared and served over caramelized onions and topped with sautéed mushrooms

*Filet Mignon Aragosta 38
Topped with fresh picked lobster meat and a creamy Gorgonzola glaze

*Filet Mignon Al Porto 31
Sautéed with black peppercorns and shallots in port wine sauce

*Francesca’s Pork Chops 23
Pan-seared and served with sautéed mushrooms, onions, and cherry peppers

*Andy’s Stuffed Pork Loin 36
With broccoli rabe, prosciutto, and fresh mozzarella in cognac brown sauce and topped with mushrooms

Fish and Seafood

Seafood Stuffed Shrimp 28
With crab meat, shrimp, and scallops

Anastasio’s Zuppa di Pesce 30
Assorted seafood in marinara, fra diavolo, or oreganato
sauce served over linguine pasta

Poppy’s Calamari and Scallops 26
Served with mixed olives, capers, and fresh diced tomatoes, seasoned in olive oil, garlic, and basil in
white wine brown sauce over linguine pasta

*Salmon 26
Pan-seared and served with sun-dried tomatoes and crab meat and  finished in olive oil, garlic, and white
wine sauce

Tilapia Alla Florentina
Egg-battered and served in lemon and butter wine sauce
over a bed of spinach

*Salmon Alla Anastasio 28
Served with mixed olives, fresh tomatoes, olive oil, garlic and white wine

Shrimp Alla Nikki
Served with fresh mozzarella and veiled in prosciutto
over a bed of spinach

Risotto Pescatore 30
A medley of seafood in light red sauce

Fried Seafood Platter 26
Clam Strips, Scallops, Shrimp and Tilapia

Kids Menu

Pasta and Meatballs 9

Chicken Tenders and French Fries 9

Fish Sticks and Mashed Potatoes 9

Fried Mozzarella Sticks 9

Pasta and Butter 9

On the Side

Asparagus with Hollandaise Sauce 9

Mashed Potatoes 6

Creamed Spinach 6

Steak Fries 6

Mixed Vegetables 6

Baked Potato 6

Sautéed Mushrooms/Onions 6

Pasta 6


Rice Pudding • Bread Pudding • Fried Cheese Cake
Cheese Cake • Banofi • Tartufo • Sorbet 9

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shell sh or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.

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